“What’s your favorite childhood memory?”


Helen Choi B.F.A. illustration, Comics Corner

My dad would stay home on the weekends with my little sister and I. On Saturdays we’d always catch the ice cream truck. One Saturday, it felt like we waited forever, but when it finally came we ran out and bought my favorite Flintstones push-up pops. When we were done enjoying our ice cream, my dad suggested that we make and play telephone. He had always been very crafty and loved art. I want to say he gave me his artist genes.

Tina Gancev M.A. luxury fashion management, Fashion Spread

My favorite childhood memory is when my grandmother used to make clothes for my mom and me. That is basically what got me interested in fashion. I wanted to know how to make my own clothes and that is what inspired me.


Nathon Ruehl B.F.A. photography, Cover

My favorite childhood memory would just be my whole childhood. From my first thoughts to the age of five was probably the best time because I had no worries in my life. My feelings and personality were raw and simple. There was never stress nor worries to deal with. When I think of my childhood, the first few things that play in my head are the moments when I was doing the most kid things possible, like stealing snacks out of the fridge or waking up early for no reason and ending up laying on the living room floor in the rising sunlight that was shining through the window as I watched cartoons. Or, when I would run around the tree in my backyard 100 times with no clothes on as my dog chased me. I was doing anything there was to keep myself entertained, curious and full of imagination.

Ashley Stewart B.F.A graphic design, “Which 90s Cartoon Character Are You?”

When I was five years old, my cousins and I were sleeping over at my grandparent’s house. We all decided to get up in the middle of the night to prepare breakfast for everyone in the morning. Mind you, it was about one in the morning. It felt exhilarating to be up that late because our bedtime was 8:30 p.m. and our idea of breakfast was a bowl of cereal. When all three of us snuck downstairs we made quite the racket setting the table with bowls, spoons and cereal, loud enough to wake up my grandmother who came stomping down the stairs to shout, “Get back up those stairs!” I remember my face going completely red and quickly following my cousins as we sprinted past my grandmother, up the stairs, and back to bed.

Emily Keniston – B.F.A. illustration, Comics Corner

One of my fondest childhood memories involves the journey to pick out my dogs. I had been born into a family with a lab named Moonshine, but she sadly only lived to see me turn four. So we decided to get a new dog. Since I was so young, I only remember parts of the trip through Maryland and into a neighboring state, most likely Virginia. The day was sunny and mildly warm and our Grand Cherokee had a sunroof, which I always liked to look out of. We passed some hills where a few air balloons hovered above, which is a vivid memory from the trip. And to top it all off, we came home with not one, but two miniature schnauzers. They lived long and happy lives.