Shelsea Doran — B.F.A photography alumna, “Nocturnal Behavior”

“I was 18, visiting my sister in Tokyo. We decided to say yes to everything we did that day. We ended up making great friends with locals, ate the weirdest delicatessens and screamed our hearts out singing karaoke until the sun came up. It was definitely a day to remember.”

Richard Goodwin — M.F.A. illustration, “Into the Wild”

“The time I picked up a flaming log, held it over my head, screamed in pain and triumph and threw it off the top of a parking deck onto the Georgia Tech practice golf course. I woke up the next day to see that the log had rolled across the fairway and left a scorch mark. I’ve never been so ashamed or proud of myself.”

Cody Delong — B.F.A. graphic design, “Into the Wild”

“One of my wildest moments happened this summer. My friends Katie, Kersten and I drove up to the mountains to go stargazing. Katie and I aren’t from the area and we had to drive three hours into the hills of Georgia. We were seriously concerned we were going to get murdered by hillbillies.”

Rose Smith — B.F.A. photography alumna, “Urban Jungle”

“The wildest thing that I can think of was when a friend and I got lost in Central Park in New York at 11 pm at night. When we tried to leave, we got lost and both of our phones were dead. I decided to take a route that allowed me to see the top of the buildings, and I followed that path until it led us out of the park and directly into the street.”

Allison Bolt — B.F.A. writing, “Into the Wild”

“That time I climbed a 70-foot fire tower while already 6,000 feet in the air on the peak of a mountain.”